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What We Do

The numbers in which farm animals are reared is rising steeply, and practices of factory farming marked by isolation, suffering, and relentless pain have become common practice. In this era where animals are considered as mere commodities, the Living Free campaign aspires to create a space to demand the right for all animals and to stop the consumption, and therefore the exploitative practices common to animal farming.

As the name suggests, Living Free is a campaign to raise a collective voice against the rising animal product consumption in India, it  focuses on reduction of animal products by mobilizing activists at the grassroots level. We aspire for a vegan world in which animals are not killed for fulfilling our lifestyle needs.

For this purpose, we’ve empowered activists across the country to inform and reach out to the young adult audience, and campaign for a vegan lifestyle. So far, we’ve successfully conducted outreach in 28 cities, out of which we’re actively working in over 20. We’ve conducted over 10 national campaigns, and reached out to around 4.5 lakh people, using varied methods of outreach such as spot campaigning, stalls and tabling events, national days of action and video outreach.Through this system of continuous engagement, we hope to empower people to make compassionate choices in the long run.