Our Work

Citing the gap and an opportunity to create a vegan advocacy movement in the country, FIAPO started #LivingFree in 2013. Today, with the help of an awesome network of more than 500 activists and a presence in more than 60 cities, we have reached out to 1.1 million people across the nation.

At Living Free we aim to educate and reach out to as many people as we can. Some of our outreach tactics include distributing educational leaflets, holding video outreach showcasing footage of the standard abuse at industrialized factory farms, talks and seminars, hosting film screenings, food sampling events, hosting mobile events like Truth on Wheels, which portray the cruelty towards animals that are transported for slaughter and organizing vegan fests.

We have most recently forayed into the area of virtual reality, wherein we seek to bring an unaware audience closer to the sights and sounds of cruelties at modern farms. We also organise monthly tours to different cities in the country to mobilize and educate activists and general youth alike. In addition, we conduct leadership development workshops in different zones to inculcate leadership in activists since this is lacking in the animal rights community in general.

With the ever increasing network, we are sure to reach out to 1 million more and spread the message of compassion! Are you up for the #1MillionChallenge? Join us to create history once more- http://livingfree.fiapo.org/become-a-volunteer/

Would you like to join activists in your city or add a city to this list? Mail us at livingfree@fiapo.org to get started!