Film Screenings

Film Screenings

Showcasing films is another excellent way to reach out to people. Apart from educating the masses, these screenings provide the opportunity to bring the community together.

How to organise?

Choose a venue which is easily accessible and can accommodate your community members. These places don’t necessarily have to be movie halls, but can be community centers, school/college classrooms or libraries.

Farm to Fridge, Earthlings, Carnage, Horrors , Glasswalls , Speciesism, Cowspiracy, Before the flood etc. are good choices for a Film screening.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Obtain permission well in advance.
  • Test the equipment at least a day before the screening.
  • Ensure that everybody willing to come has registered for the screening.
  • Make sure that the leaflets (stamped with the city’s common number) is available for distribution after the event.

Get In Touch:

In case of any suggestions for a movie, do write in to us as