Food Sampling

Food Sampling

The way to someone’s heart is through food and that is exactly what this achieves. This helps in dispelling the myth that vegans only eat grass (Sigh!) and it is an opportunity for people to come to know about the various vegan delicacies and alternatives to the cruel options.

In addition to the samples that you have, you can display the merchandise (some vegan cupcakes or other sweets) and use it for fundraising to cover the costs incurred to conduct the event.


How Can This Be Done?

To host a food sampling event:

  • Decide a menu or talk to the person who is providing the samples at least a week before the event.
  • Choose a place of convenience.
  • Try out different recipes before the event.
  • Create batches of set products a day before the event.
  • Reach venue on time, set up your table and keep food & leaflets on the table
  • After the visitors have tasted the food, ask them if they can tell the difference in taste, from non-vegan food.
  • You could even offer food ( a brownie for example) as a reward for, say, watching a 4 min video.