Holiday Outreach

Holiday Outreach

An activist is never off duty, in fact holidays are some of the best days for an activist. Nothing would satisfy you more than reaching out to people while you are on a holiday. In a country with myriad holidays, these are days from which people can be helped to make compassionate lifestyle choices.

In fact, during holidays, theme specific outreach can be conducted. For example, conducting a brave the crate challenge before Easter to show the cruelty of the egg industry and urging people to leave off eggs from their diet can be a very effective session in terms of reaching out to people and an impact created in the lives of thousands of animals’ lives.

This is effective because it would help you explore an unchartered territory while helping you make the most of your time. It is a win/win situation since you are helping the animals and are also hanging out with your buddies on a holiday! Voila!

How Can You Do This?

First of all you can choose any method of outreach, be it Leafleting or Video outreach or Virtual Reality or Chalktivism. Take the necessary permissions and get yourself going.