Leaflet like a Pro!

Follow these steps to make people want to take leaflets from you!  


Leafleting, as the name suggests is simply the process of giving out leaflets to people. Leafleting is one of the easiest and most effective means of reaching out to a larger audience in a short span of time. This simple method can educate and suffice the public with enough information to choose compassion over ignorance. Research from the Humane League lab suggests that for every 2 leaflets distributed, an animal is saved.

How is this done?

Before proceeding to give out the leaflets, make sure to stamp the leaflets with the common number that has been given to each city. This helps people to get back to you if they are interested in spreading awareness.  Also, count the number of leaflets you are taking out for distribution so that you can keep track of how many people have been reached out to.

To make the session more fun and impactful, choose places that have a heavy footfall like college campuses, markets, concerts or other festivals. Bus or train terminals during rush hours help you get done with your work of spreading compassion in a short period of time.

With a smile on your face and bunch of leaflets in one hand, take out a leaflet and just extend your arm to hand the leaflet over to the moving public. The more you leaflet, the more confident you will become. Yes, this is as simple as it sounds!

Now we have the leaflets in 5 regional languages. Click on the language in which you want the leaflet and you will be redirected to the page in the corresponding language.


*Pro-tip – While giving the leaflet, a short sentence like “There is information about helping animals” or “I am raising awareness” increases the chances of people taking the leaflet.

Click pictures of the session and post it on the Living Free India Facebook group.

What are you still waiting for? You can order these leaflets by writing in to us at livingfree@fiapo.org

Please note that the leaflets will be free of cost and the leaflets will arrive within 14 days from the day on which the order was placed. **