Order Leaflets and Kits

Conducting an impactful outreach takes not only time and effort but also a lot of planning and organising. Adequate and proper materials and venue is required. But if all materials like leaflets, table, sheets, etc are provided, then the task is reduced to half! Which is why, if you are an avid activist and want to conduct outreach in a systematic manner, then you can order one of our kits. The kit contains all the materials that you can use to take your event forward without a glitch!

You can order:

  1. LeafLeting Kit:

    Leaflets, pledge sheets, clipboards, TShirts

  2. Video Outreach Kit:

    Containing videos on animal cruelty and animal rights issues for screening, earphones, reusable advertising poster, pledge sheets, and a TShirt.

  3. Virtual Reality Kit:

    Containing 2 VR Headsets, headphones and pledge sheets.

  4. Stall Kit:

    Foldable Table, Tablecloth, Contact Book, Leaflets, pledge sheets, clipboards, TShirts. If you are conducting effective outreach and reaching out to 1000 (or more) people every month, then you can order a Canopy too with this kit!*The provision of all material is dependent on Living Free upon terms and conditions.

  5. Tabling Event Kits:

    Bored of regular outreach? Here’s how you can spice things up! Order kits from our most successful national campaigns to add a dash of fun and innovation to your outreach! We’re presenting kits for these two campaigns.

  6. Do You Buy The Lie:

    Flip Books, Pledge sheet, Banner, Cover Letter

  7. Buy The Crate:

    , Pledge sheet, Cover Letter , crates ,stickers

  8. Eyes Wide Open:

    Flip Book, Pledge sheets, Banners, Placards.


Write to us with your details at livingfree@fiapo.org to place your order.
The cost for printing of leaflets is given here.
Of course, if you feel like helping u , you can make a donation of any amount. 