Question Your Notion

After months of pondering and testing out for an alternative method of outreach that is extremely efficient at making people think about their lifestyle choices and make a shift in their behavior that favours animals, a new child was born, Question Your Notion. This campaign was initiated on April 12th 2018 to celebrate Living Free’s 5th birthday and it was conducted in 20 cities across the country.

This campaign is based on a concept called Motivational Interviewing, which has been making a lot of buzz all across the field of Human Behaviour change. This concept has been used in clinical settings for behavior change in hard drug addicts, smoking cessation, weight management etc. The event had a roaring success in the cities in which it was conducted and resulted in swarms of people giving their contact details to get more information about animal rights.

The major difference between this method and the other types of outreach methods that we normally do is that this is an enabler of conversation rather than being a monologue. People are asked very simple questions and when they answer, they hear themselves talking (and giving reasons for change) which is shown to be the driver for change.

One of the most important things in this mode of outreach is that it should be done very skillfully with a genuine interest to help people change their behavior and not to control people into saying what you want them to say.

A mock conversation between two people is shown here in the video:

To know more about this skill of helping people out through motivational interviewing, click here. (Hyperlink of the document will be given).

If you want to do this in your city and making exponential level of change in your city for farm animals, write to us at