Tabling Events

Tabling Events

Tabling sessions are done to mainly focus on one particular issue like the cruelty going on in the poultry industry or the dairy industry or the meat industry. This can be an event where you can put your thinking cap on and be more creative and innovative about the approach you are going to take for conducting the session. Since you are focusing only on one issue at a time, it helps in deeply engaging the audience in the activity.

Some basic guidelines to successfully conduct a tabling session:

  1. In case of an event in your college/ locality, contact the organizers as soon as possible requesting a stall.
  2. Find out the stall size that is assigned to you and use colorful and vibrant posters and a banner to attract attention. Use appropriate number of posters. The banner should be at the center of the stall in the backdrop and the text in the banner should convey a basic idea of what the stall is about.
  3. Make sure to have enough leaflets (stamped with your city’s common number) pertinent to the theme of the session.
  4. Have a table with the leaflets, placards, pledge sheets and volunteer sign-in sheets neatly arranged.
  5. Reach the venue well ahead of time and prepare the stall before people start walking in.
  6. Click pictures of the session and post it on the Living Free India Facebook page.

Other Considerations:

Almost all events where tabling can be done provide the stalls with a table and a few chairs. You also don’t have to worry about charging the tablets/ laptops since electricity will also be provided by the host.

Costumes or other props help attract attention, so use it if you can. However ensure that the props are stable and dismantle easily.

During summers, make sure to provide an overhead cover to the stall and keep yourself cool and hydrated.

*Pro-tip – To make the event more engaging, conduct an activity with the people who are coming in to visit the stall. For ideas, you can look up the previous events our volunteers have conducted in various cities. **