Talks and Seminars

Talks And Seminars

Though talking and lecturing to an audience takes courage, these are one of the best experiences that the activists can offer. Not only does a single talk hold the power to educate and transform a large number but also helps to expand your community by bringing in more volunteers.

It takes tremendous effort to refine the presentation and to hone your presentation skills like body language, delivery etc. to make the session more effective. Prior experience in talking to people via methods like video outreach or virtual reality help you develop the skill of delivering the information in a palatable way. If you’ve not done any public speeches before, it is better to learn and analyze sessions by eminent public speakers or to take a public speaking course.


How are they done?

Just look out for the schools/colleges which have had such sessions before or directly go the campuses and meet the concerned authority. Being in touch with the Student NSS wing or the Environmental club or Karuna club or the Animal welfare society also helps clear many obstacles.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Do take the permissions beforehand. In case of any assistance required in framing the permission letter or talking to the authorities or in content build up, use this sample permission letter or write in to us at
  • Practice your speech/talk/presentation. This would help you deliver better.
  • Once the floor is opened for question and answers, circulate the leaflets (stamped with the city’s common number) and the pledge sheet to collect data.
  • Don’t lose your cool during the talk or the Q&A session. People are looking at you and you need to set an example for them.
  • Click photos and shoot videos, post it on our Living Free India Facebook page. The video also helps you analyze your talk later on and learn from your mistakes.