Truth on Wheels

Truth on Wheels was a campaign that was initiated on World Vegan Day – November 1st 2017 in 3 cities. The campaign started out with the idea of showcasing the horrors of the livestock industry on a van with a huge LED screen, which was moving across the city for a whole day. The campaign was a huge hit in the places in which it was initiated – Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

The campaign then took a new face and became a focused single-issue campaign, focusing on the extremely cruel conditions while animals are transported for slaughter. The campaign was done in Delhi and it received an overwhelmingly positive response from the by-standers. A truck carrying stuffed farm animal toys crammed into a small area was used to simulate the conditions of transport.

This campaign requires permission to be sought from the Police Commissioner, Traffic Police Commissioner, Municipal Corporation. This event is mainly targeted at the media to maximize the reach, so media will have to be invited for the event. For more assistance on conducting the event, please reach out to us at and we will be able to provide monetary and technical support to pull off this massively grand event.