Video Outreach

Video Outreach

**Video outreach is a way of reaching out to people by showing them the harsh realities of the various animal abusing industries like the poultry, dairy and meat industries which they might have been unaware of.

Video outreach is extremely engaging because our brain processes visuals faster than comprehending text. In addition, videos provide an emotional and a personal connection to the cause, thereby making it an incredibly efficient communication tool.

According to the research we conducted, 4 out of 5 choose a more compassionate lifestyle after watching the video. You are all excited, aren’t you? Before requesting us for the equipment,

  1. You must have reached out to 1500 people through leafleting for the past 3 months.
  2. Once this target is achieved, you will fill a consent form stating that the tablets are FIAPO’s property and it is your responsibility to take good care of the kits while they are in your custody.
  3. Great going! You are ready to receive the kits.


Now that you have the kits, let us go through some basic guidelines to ensure a smooth flow of the event:

  1. Charge the tabs fully before the day of the event. Download the FIAPO app in all the tabs. This app helps collect data of people who are watching the video. This way the data can be used to keep giving the person multiple positive initiations.
  2. Download the videos (for vegetarians, non-vegetarians) here.
  3. Choose a location that has a good footfall. College campuses, festivals and fairs, beaches ,busy roads are all great places to do video outreach. Take Permission if need be
  4. Test your device (Video, audio, headphone and the app). Basically get a hang of how to use the app so that you don’t fumble when someone wants to see the video.
  5. 2 volunteers are enough to manage four tablets and ensure there are 3 or 4 more volunteers to engage in a conversation with people who have watched the video.
  6. Before people watch the video, ask them if they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian and show them the pertinent videos. Warn people that the video contains some disturbing sequences before they start watching the video.
  7. Once the video is over, engage with them for 3-4 minutes to clarify the doubts the person might have. Finally, ask them if they would like to change their habits and request them to fill the details in the app.

Journey from Butcher to Vegan