Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

The newest kid on the block – VR uses the best technology at hand to make people aware of the cruelties of factory farming! Using immersive technology, VR makes you feel one with the animals inside a factory farm – in the dirt, the noise and the pain. This method has proven to be impactful with a 100% response rate and never been used in India for animal rights, until now.

How is this Done?

  • Choose a convenient location to setup your table and the banners.
  • You need a smart phone or iPod to operate the goggles, preferably with a big screen such as iPhone 6+ or a large screen Samsung but any smart phone or iPod will suffice as long as it has a gyroscope (inbuilt rotating screen option).
  • You can simply download the file to a laptop/computer and transfer the file to your phone. You also need to download an application to play the file through the phone/iPod (“Go VR Player – 3D 360 cardboard” is advisable (free app) but there are similar apps that you can purchase and use). If you are using the Go VR Player – 3D 360 Cardboard app, the file will show in “Local Videos” and from there you can play it.
  • You also need to select the option “Headset”, so the screen will be divided in two and you can watch through the goggles. Headphones are also required since the video is narrated and listening to the narration will create a full experience for bystanders.
  • It is advisable to always have one person present at the VR table so they can help set up the VR for bystanders and also have a solid discussion with them after they’ve watched the footage
  • Click photos and shoot videos and post it on the Living Free India Facebook Page.

Before You Start

  • Please check that all the gadgets are in working condition and the mobile phone is fully charged.
  • Follow these steps to know more about maintaining your VR headset.
  • At least 2 volunteers are required against 1 headset.

Ask  For Your Kit

  • Before asking for the VR Kit, you must have reached out to at least 1500 people through leafleting for 3 consecutive months.
  • Once have done that, you will fill a form stating that the gadgets are FIAPO’s property and your responsibility.
  • That’s it. You are ready to receive the kit! 🙂