Developing Leadership

FIAPO Living Free Leaders are grassroots animal protection activists that have enrolled in the Living Free Programme of FIAPO. The programme aims to reach out to the youth of India with a message of compassion and respect for animals, to enable a paradigm shift in the relationship between animals and humans and to bring more people in the fold of animal protection.

Leadership development is crucial to the movement’s next stage of growth because it helps an individual and other emerging leaders in the group to develop new strategies , re-examine the priorities and attract, motivate and retain activists.

If you think that you are a leader and want to develop your group , you can definitely subscribe to out Leadership Series Programme.

What do Leaders Do?

FIAPO Living Free Leaders are required to organise and lead regular outreach events in their cities on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Leaders are also encouraged to participate in other animal protection initiatives in their cities across all issues of animals in food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment and on the street.

What are the benefits of being a leader?

FIAPO firmly believes in the contribution of local leadership to ensure the sustained success and growth of the animal protection movement of India and will assist the Leaders by providing support, materials, grants, training and access to national networks in the following manner

  • Dedicated support from FIAPO will be made available through a regional coordinator who will assist in all local activities and initiatives.
  • Small grants upto 10,000 Rs for outreach events
  • Recommendation to become a Honorary Animal Welfare Officer of the Animal Welfare Board of India and participate in other trainings for free (or significantly reduced cost) organised by FIAPO or other national organisations.
  • Material and kits for conducting outreach in different formats
  • Provide merchandise to enable local fundraising

Leadership Series

This series is designed to help activists develop the essential skills needed to be an effective advocate for farm animals. This 8 part series will help you imbibe tactics of different skills that are essential to build groups, and develop leadership. The series is meant to be followed by one module per month with special focus on the activity of the month.

Check out the leadership series over here!

How Can You Become A Leader

To be eligible to apply as a leader, one must have carried out outreach activities for at least 3 months, reaching out to a total of 1000 people per month.

If you’ve done that, please drop in a mail at and we’ll take it forward from there!