Corporate Outreach

Corporate Outreach

Animals are abused, ill-treated, enslaved, exploited and at the end brutally slaughtered so that industries like food, beverage, apparel, entertainment and leather could make money. It is high time such callous acts are done away with and through Corporate Outreach, FIAPO is trying to achieve the same by reaching out to popular cafes to know how they make their products and help them move towards using animal friendly ingredients instead. The idea is to make a shift to using more compassionate choice of ingredients in commercial baking and to also to make non-dairy products.

In an effort to end farm animal suffering, FIAPO seeks to work closely with large food and beverage companies to either replace animal products or increase vegan options. Through this campaign FIAPO aims to initiate a significant and lasting impact on the suffering of farm animals and cause industry wide tectonic shifts by setting compassionate norms.

The primary ask from the bakery stores is to terminate the use of egg in baking cakes, pastries and other confectionary or significantly expand the range of eggless bake goods at the store/ cafe. And the principal ask from the ice cream brands is to make their business either partially or preferably dairy free. 

Not many are aware that there are several ingredients which can be used to replace egg and cow/buffalo milk, without the taste getting altered. In fact, sometimes it’s even better! The best part is that one doesn’t need to cross the continent or spend a million dollars to find these natural cruelty free ingredients, they are easily available almost everywhere!

Change only requires courage to take the first step and to be the first one to make that shift!