Module 4- Administering your group


‘The devil is in the details’, goes the old idiom – indeed the backbone of a strong event, lies it in administrative strength. A clear sense of roles and work helps the group function as a well-oiled machine, leading to events that go with a BANG!


Here are a few tips to how you can ensure an effective administrative setup:

  1. Making Moderators- It is always important for a team to have one or two volunteers perform the task of moderating the overall functioning of your group. This gives them greater sense of ownership and most importantly your team would be more acquainted and easy going with fellow volunteers.


  1. Having tasks at hand- All becomes easy when everyone has a role to perform. If everyone is looking after their own department or duty and in turn if that is done by all members, the entire project at hand is looked after on its own.


  1. Ensuring Pre-planning- For any group to have an effective impact is how well their campaigns, events or outreach is organized. This should be managed by someone who for example works good under pressure, can multi task and handle more than 2 or 3 things at a time. Pre planning involves a lot of things like


  • Invitations- Inviting people, for which you need to make constant calls and ensure a regular follow up based on their response.
  • Venue- Once you know the number of people coming, the next step will be to finalize the venue.
  • Promotion- Marketing of the event on social media platforms is very important from the point of view that most of our communications happens through them and also in order to let more and more people know, if they want to join as well.
  • Logistics- All of your resources, like leaflets, presentation, registration sheets, pledge sheets, VEGAN refreshments need to be in place at least 2 days before the event.
  • Photographer- A photographer for your event should be acquired, to be updated on the website/ fb group later.


  1. Leaflets Ready- This is the most important task at hand for any Living Free leader and group, but since it is an obvious necessity, it is often forgotten or neglected till the very end. So one person should be handling everything related to leaflets.
  •  Number- This involves making sure you have the appropriate amount as much you would need, this in turn would depend on the number of people coming (if it’s an event) or on the place you’re going (if it’s an outreach) since for example a park or a college main have more approachable crowd than at a shopping complex.
  • Count after outreach- of the leaflets distributed is extremely crucial as it helps in analysing by the end of the month or week that how many people were reached out.
  • Language- Another thing to be kept in mind is the language. How many Hindi or English leaflets you will need, which again depends on the place where you’re going for distribution.
  1. Photographer- A photographer is important not just to create memories but adds a lot of legitimacy to any event. Any campaign or outreach that is being organized needs to be captured for a number of reasons. Uploading the pictures on social networking sites for eg the Living Free fb group, brings you under the attention of other similar groups and individual who might want to join your cause and team. Therefore one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the photos you chose aptly reflect the whole idea of your cause and the event.


  1. Calling the volunteers- Just like someone is made in charge of leaflets, there should be a person only meant to make calls to volunteers and making sure they turn up for your events and on time. This is not an easy task and requires great conviction, especially when you have to follow up right before the day of the event!


Expert Speak


Manisha has been an integral part of Living Free team in Bangalore and has a good experience in the field too. Holding regular effective outreach events and spreading awareness is one of her many outstanding abilities. So for any guidance or suggestions related to administration you can also get in touch

with her on -


Quick Tip: Stamping

Making a checklist of all the things that need to be done comes very handy for keeping a track of all the work as well as of the people performing those duties.


for example

1) Invites

2) Venue

3) Leaflets

4) Vegan Refreshments


So on and so forth



Video of the month!


Here is an interesting video that might help you as a leader of a team and also guide you while working with fellow volunteers. Most importantly it will help you in spotting those few but very crucial qualities in each individual and assigning them tasks according to their talents and abilities