Module 5 - Organizing an Event

An event may be defined as a onetime activity that has a stated goal or an end.
Demonstrations, leafleting, stalls, and fests are all types of events that can take place under the larger Living Free campaign. Depending on the scale, organising an event can require days or just an hour.  

Keeping important tenets under control while being ready for innovative solutions are key to making events successful.


Let’s start with some basics:

  1. What’s the need, what’s the event? Whether you’re raising awareness or funds, there are countless options available - do you want to host a potluck or organise a flashmob? The need of the campaign should define the type of event you choose to hold.  For example, hosting a talk in colleges is a great idea if the goal is to recruit young volunteers for your cause, however,  leafleting is better if the goal is purely awareness building!
  2. Define Success: Having a smart, measurable outcome for any event helps create focus, and measure quality and impact of work. The more quantitatively defined an event is, the more measureable it becomes – ‘I want to hold a great event’ is different from saying ‘If 1000 people are reached out to, and 10 volunteers turn up, then the event is a success.
  3. Prepare a Budget: Draw out a rough idea of expected and miscellaneous expenses such as venue, printing costs, travel cost etc. Try and stick to a budget as much as possible. Holding the event at a fellow NGO’s office, or at an acquaintance’s place are great cost cutting methods.
  4.  Team Work:  A strong, well connected team is key to the success of any event. Consider creating broad heads of categories that can be looked after by your most trusted volunteers, deciding a role for everyone in the group. Take due note of the following:
  • Venue, date, time – Fix venue basis availability, reach, cost, and seating capacity. And be mindful of choosing a time and day that ensures high availability/high footfall. Conduct a recce of the venue before finalising it.
  • Logistics: From registration sheets, note pads, pens, and markers to  leaflets, banner, posters and video outreach equipment, make sure you’re logistically sound!
  • Photographs-  Ensure someone is capturing the important aspects of the event that can later be updated on your page.
  1. Inviting People- This success or failure of any event depends on how many people attend it. If the event is not held at a place that is open for footfall (example streets, malls etc) ensure the following steps to invite people -
  • Make a list of the potential people who might be interested in the event you’re planning to organize.
  • Start calling and recording their feedbacks  (if they’re coming, will let you know in a few days, might not be able to come)
  • Following up is crucial since people tend to forget events.
  • Keep posting details on whatsapp where most people are likely to keep track.
  • Create a facebook event
  1. Marketing- Now that you have everything planned, the next step is to get the word out and let more and more people know! Think of all the ways in which this can be done. Make regular posts on Facebook, send messages on Whatsapp and maybe put up posters at popular cafes and colleges near you!
  1. Have a checklist: Hold the reigns of the event together by maintaining a checklist of all activities and recording feedback of the participants!



Expert Speak


Daisy Pruthi knows it all when it comes to organized events!  Her stall at the Chandigarh Vegan Fest was a big success and she's now planning to host big event in the captial city, reaching out to colleges with programmes that are both educational and fun.  


For any other important advice you can contact her on


Quick Tip:

Arrive Before Time


Always arrive before the schedule at the venue. The time you’d need to be there depends on the scale of the event, as the most planned events also see fall through and things going haywire at the last minute. Being ahead of time is a great idea to work through the inevitable last minute hitches.


Video of the month!


Here’s a video that will further help you in avoiding the usual mistakes that all of us make while organising any event.