Module 7 – Conflict Resolution

Working in a community driven with love, passion and strong opinions can sometimes be a daunting task. Differing methods to reach the same end can often be the basis of conflict among many compassionate souls.


While conflicts can be healthy for any movement, they do impact the strength of the organisation and can harm the cause if not dealt with in a swift and effective manner.


Patience and perseverance is pivotal to stay overboard in stormy waters. Here are some basics that might help provide the perfect balance between solution and compassion!


Be fair: Hear all sides of the argument, never let anyone feel like there is any favouritism at play. A lot of conflict resolution comes out from just providing everyone a fair opportunity to speak up.

Allow expression of emotion: Anger is a part of life, and needs expression just like any other emotion – by making room for it, you create an opportunity to spot the reason behind the anger, and can then work towards resolving that issue, rather than addressing the anger itself.


Don’t judge:Make the room of conflict resolution a free, comfortable space for all. No one should feel judged for their actions or words - people should be able to have and respect differing opinions.


Think before you speak: As someone involved in a heated argument, see if what you’re saying adds up, if you’re merely spewing anger, or if you really have a point to make – try and ensure conversations are not about one up manship and the solutions are agreeable to all.


Find an amicable solution : Find a solution that seems to be working for all parties involved, don’t let one feel disgruntled, while another feeling like they’ve won.


Speak later: If there’s an issue, give everyone time to cool off before talking about it. Sleep over it. Don’t’ gossip, things may appear easier with calmer heads


Infighting and back talk: Most conflicts arise due to miscommunication, and there’s no bigger foe to growth than infighting and backtalk. Actively discourage any back talking and encourage people to spell issues out to concerned people. If you hear or know of any member of the group slander someone’s name –stop it immediately.


Building sturdy bridges is the best thing you can do to help animals. It helps to remember that at the end of the day, we’re all here to speak up and protect the animals we love.





Expert Speak


Fondly known as ‘Buddha’ amongst his friends, Koushik’s patience and effortless endurance have helped bring together a diverse group of activists in Chennai. If you’re facing trouble with conflict in your city, give a shout out to Koushik Raghavan at this address.(

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If you’re still confused about what is the best way of resolving an issue, then this video might help you out!



Quick Tip


Sometimes changing the environment can help sort out the difference in opinion. Also, face-to-face and conversations over a simple call are the best way to diffuse a situation.

If you’re having an argument over Whatsapp then call up the person and have a discussion.  If the conversation is on call, try and sort things out over a personal meeting.